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Not loading ground in maps Editor 6.0.1

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Created23.10.2014 06:57

Zeb Farmington (ZZ_Farmington) 23.10.2014 06:58
Whenever I open any maps others ive downloaded or try to create one from the original game map....

I don't see any floor, ground or terrain.

I can however see all the sheds trees etc.

Im opening the .i3d files (unzipped obviously) in GIANTS Editor 6.0.1 64 bit.

windows 8.1
intel i3 2.4ghz
6gb ram
Adequate graphics;
Intel HD graphics 3000
Amd Radeon HD 7600M series

Dany Paul (darkman48) 23.10.2014 11:15
same for me, although after installing editor 6.0.1. on first open the terrain was there

Hames Mcintyre (Unknown) 23.10.2014 20:44
same for me also, no ground

Jonathon Napier (Rabastan99) 24.10.2014 04:48
Me also
Nvdia 770

Paul Wittner (Unknown) 24.10.2014 15:18
See Errors in Scripting Window or in log file.
We must wait for new shader from LS15. Shaders from LS13 not work.

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 27.11.2014 21:45
giant version 6 ça fonctionnne .
sinon prendre une map ls 15 et suivre ce tuto pour integrer votre map ls 2013

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