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Several questions (exhaust, vehicle tipping, hydraulic, lights)

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Created03.01.2015 07:41

Jordan Edwards (Unknown) 03.01.2015 08:14
(link removed by admin)
This is a link to my first tractor mod, I've been studying tractor models in giants editor all day and have attempted my own, I'm new to modding, but have acquired what I perceive to be adequate blender skills to do the modeling, and have been figuring out the texturing, the only problem I'm having now is getting the tractor to fully work in-game. So far the problems I've been able to find is ,

1) exhaust coming out of ground instead of the exhaust pipe.

2) slight tipping when turning, a common problem I find on many mods, but it usually is allieviated by reducing the tire direction rotation, but I imagine there is a more effiecient fix.

3) a hydraulic and trailer hitch system that doesn't work which my guess is that it has to do with the xml file but I'm not sure how to go about it.

4) the oddest of my problems I think, is that I took out the lights, because I decided to try and make it as simple as possible and slowly work up to making a full thing,, and when f is pushed in-game instead of lights it toggles between 3 choices, no farmer and steering wheel,has farmer but no steering wheel, and no farmer but has steering wheel, I don't even have a clue as to how to fix the last one.

Sorry for the long message and if it is a bit un-understandable, i'll elaborate further if need-be, but I wanted to give a full summary as to where I'm at, I think I'm figuring out most of it but I decided that having a little community help couldn't hurt, especially if it helps me identify anything I'm doing wrong.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2015 18:16

1) check the default vehicles and their xml files (serach for exhaust in the xml file ;) )

2) adjust the 'center of mass' in the vehicles' xml file

3) too much to explain ... you have to study a default vehicle
Check which path (e.g. 0>0|10|0|1) the parts of the hdyraulic have and compare that to the entries in the xmlFile.
(An attacher has an invisible part, which is the real physical joint/connection between two vehicles. Additionally an attacher has visible parts)

4) Sounds like messed up index paths (see 1) )

Just keep on trying ... by analyzing the default vehicles you can find out how things work.


Jordan Edwards (Unknown) 05.01.2015 22:20
Thank you very much, this pretty much fixed every problem I was having, even some I didn't even know I was having, that's all it was, was incorrect index paths, until now I didn't even know what they were or what it did so I left it alone, but now my tractor is working as intended, I can probably go on to make a higher quality version of it now. But again thanks.

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