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Created01.02.2015 21:41

Jan Bagge (Unknown) 01.02.2015 21:44
i am making a new map

the First few times it shows up in FS:15, then no more times for show up, why

i own both FS 13 and 15 and it dont show up in both

uasing this

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.02.2015 08:58

well .... you should either make a map for FS13 or for FS15.
But you can't do a map for both of them (at least not without major adjustments).

So, if you want to do a map for FS15 ...
the best way to start is to use the default map, because you'll have a lot of default things (triggers, animals, trees, buildings, ...) which are up to date.

Just use the "Export all with files" option in the GE ;)


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