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Created11.03.2015 11:43

Mirko C. (Unknown) 11.03.2015 11:47
I would add in sky snow and be able to see in my map mod how do I operate it?(there is a tutorial in pdf or hard copy for any add?)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.03.2015 12:10

currently we don't have any tutorial therefore.

But you should be able to find a directory named "sky" in your mod map.
Check it out ;)


Mirko C. (Unknown) 12.03.2015 11:19

Thank you for your reply;

Is the folder I added in my map mod, but what I can't do is to add the snow on the map there is a lua file special?
How do I invoke the newly added game snow in the sky?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.03.2015 11:42

sorry, I was a bit wrong ;)

So, in your mod map you have a lua file, porbably it is called SampleModMap.lua.

This file loads the sky by using this command:

self.environment = Environment:new(Utils.getFilename("$data/sky/sky_day_night.i3d", self.baseDirectory), true, 8, true, true);

Now, you could change this command and replace the path to the sky with a path to your new sky in your mod map.
In this case you would have to copy the default sky from the game root directory to your mod map first ;)

Anyway ... there is a command which you can use in the console to start rain.
This commands takes the following arguments
gsStartRain duration raintype

duration should be clear
raintype can be: "rain", "hail", "fog", "cloudy"

Finally, let me say that there is no snow by default in FS.
If you really want to have snow ... you would have to dig deeper ;)


Mirko C. (Unknown) 15.03.2015 15:18
I apologize if you post here the whole command line but is figuring out where do I enter the new:

function SampleModMap:load()

self.environment = Environment:new(Utils.getFilename("sky/sky_day_night.i3d", self.baseDirectory), true, 8, true, true);

self.helpIconsBase = nil;
self.collectableHorseshoesObject = nil;
self.fieldDefinitionBase = nil;
self.vehicleShopBase = nil;

self:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("map/map01.i3d", self.baseDirectory), true, self.loadMap01Finished, self);

This is only one part number that I managed to edit at the moment but I don't know where I have to introduce the new command

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.03.2015 08:18

the command is already in there :)
It also loads the sky from the mod map.

The line where it says:

self.environment = .....

that's it.

You don't need to change anything there.
Try to have a look in the "sky" folder in your mod map - that's where the actual sky is loaded from.


Mirko C. (Unknown) 19.03.2015 10:02
I had to remove the line "data" to be able to load in my mod this folder but trying I failed to see the snow (I used the sky to sky region simulator)

I have to add a new command to work?

gsStartRain that line I tried but I don't know where to find this command is not that I have to introduce myself?

Mirko C. (Unknown) 10.04.2015 11:41

The command line that I have to add is like this?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.04.2015 12:42

"gsStartRain" is a console command - you can enter this command in the console if the game is running.
The console can be opened by pressing the ^ key (should be left of the 1 key).
But you have to set:
in your game.xml first.

So "gsStartRain" is not a command which should be put into a lua file ;)


Mirko C. (Unknown) 13.04.2015 10:07
Thank you very much hoping that the controls operate all

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