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How to make a mod placeable?

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Created02.03.2016 14:52

John Mayham (Unknown) 02.03.2016 14:53

I want to make a mod placeable and for FS 2013. Its originally for 2015. It hasn't a moddesc.xml so I guess i have to make that. The mod has animated doors.
It's not placeable for 2015, it's a a building which can be placed with the Editor, but my Editor doesn't work.
Could anyone help me?

Zeb Farmington (ZZ_Farmington) 10.11.2016 02:54
This is not so easy but not impossible you have to export it to a modling program and re-export it once you have all the textures in place so the older version of GE can get all the textures and models correctly.

I havent done this yet but it is on my todo list to add some things to my MR game in FS13, but now fs17 is out i may not bother.

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