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Convert from ls15 to ls 13

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Created30.05.2016 15:23

Fran├žois Truffnet (Unknown) 30.05.2016 15:25
Hello I would like to know how i can convert an object .i3d from ls15 to ls 13.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.05.2016 07:00

you could export the .i3d to.obj, import it into a 3D modeling program and export it from there with the corresponding i3d exporter.
But I wonder why you would like to do that?


Robin Van Leeuwen (Unknown) 11.09.2016 01:53
Maybe because fs13 was the best farming simulator... FS15 was just a piece of crap.. Performance wise as feature wise.. Forestry in stage 1 was just a disappointing, lot of trouble with physx on rolling trees when they where cut.. Grapple performance of the buffalo and other log crane loading stepa crane was just terrible.

Performance wise, the engine wasnt very great optimized (tearing through my screen)

AMD or Nvidia / old monitor, or 144hz monitor / v-sync does not solve this problem.. So it has something to do with a bad optimized game or engine.. And a lot more of flaws in the game, you really could not expect from a high valued game..

Iam also going to mod with FS13 trying to get everything out of it..

One thing a developer does not need to do is telling to go out a look for the newest version of the game.
I think the custom can self decide if they want to use the older version or not. Not everything is based on most beautiful looking graphics..

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