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ponnse cutting longer logs?

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Created04.11.2014 01:32

Eric Boogaard (EJBModding) 04.11.2014 01:40
Hello guys,
I got a question about the Ponnse scorpio.
I made the Ponnse as a mod and made my own edition of it.
Only thing is that we use 8 meter trailers for or logs
So i was thinking to edit the script to a cutting length of 8 meters or longer.
Only problem is, i cant find a script.
So does anyone know how or where I can fix this.

Greetings EJBModding.

Manuel Moser (Unknown) 04.11.2014 15:16
i was searching for the same thing but cant find anything

i think it has something with the treemeasure to do...

Johan Pettersson (Unknown) 05.11.2014 20:48
I found a way! I made a guide on Steam how to implement it onto vehicles.

After going through alot of half encrypted LUA files i managed to put the puzzle together and create this!


Add this line whereever in the vehicle's XML file. Attention, the Vehicle type have to be woodHarvester!

<cutLengths min="5" max="15" step="1" />

Eric Boogaard (EJBModding) 06.11.2014 23:18
thanks man.

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