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hellos and t it possible to convert a 2013 map in 2015

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Created04.11.2014 10:56

Andrew Kempf (Unknown) 04.11.2014 18:33
YES extract the zip get in the extracted file and find modDesc open it with a text edter like NopePad++ link below on the line <modDesc descVersion="X"> change the number in the " "
to 21 save the file then convert the file to a zip again paste it in your fs 2015 mods file and your done :) hope this helps

(edit by moderator: link removed, can easily be found by using a search engine)

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 04.11.2014 19:46

Andrew Kempf (Unknown) 04.11.2014 20:10
pas de problème :)

Baki Tanr&#305;seven (Unknown) 03.12.2014 06:52
Hi, How can I add fs15't the traffic mode.

Jonas Guldentops (Unknown) 27.12.2015 01:22
how can i make a harvester claas jaguar 960

Logan Smith (Unknown) 27.12.2015 17:52

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