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Created06.11.2014 16:47

Julian Indurain (julian111) 06.11.2014 16:49
Hello again, im converting my jd s680 and i want to create a fill volume model to the grain tank , i tried 2 times but at the momment when start harvesting , nothing apear in my grain tank. I wanted to know if someone know how to do it work.

Eyk Neidert (Unknown) 08.11.2014 15:08
Hello Julian.. We are know us from Facebook..

This concerns your great S690i?

In the Editor Section of this Forum a have told a similar asking...

In the old Fruitplane System, i correct visual Oroblems with the Fruit Planes with Scaling or Translationin the XML File. The Fruit Plane was controlled by the XML Entrys in the most cases.
This includes Filling and Unloading, specally the Fill Heights at the corresponding Filllevels in percent.

NOW in LS15 i have a FILLVOLUME as OBJECT in the Node Line. In the XML is one Entry only.
No more Scaling or translating and so on.

HOW can i edit the Fillheights and dimensions without to have export and edit the Fillvolume Model?. How do functioning the Fill System exactly?

Unknown 08.11.2014 17:57
Hi same problem, created in maya fill volume exported and installed in mod, nothing happens when harvesting. Added volume of the NH harvester in same transformgroup and it works. Both volumes have same setting in GE. What is wrong with own volume? Does it depend on settings when exporting from Maya?

Julian Indurain (julian111) 13.11.2014 16:19
Eyk Neidert Yers this concerns about the Jds , im having problems with the model of fill volume , i created with maya, exported (with last exporter) and when test the game nothing happend, i wantet to know if someone knows what i have to do to make it work.

Eyk Neidert (Unknown) 17.11.2014 13:18
It is very bad that no one answers about that.. HERE and in the other Giants Forum...

So it is impossible to make new Combines..

Whats up.. the Hell ??!

Tommy Sawyer (Neurotek) 28.11.2014 14:01
hey lads.. I was having some probs with one of my trailer fill Volume shapes.. I found that after you have your shape.. you need to re face/ remove unwanted edges and vertices.. then rejoin/fill the faces so that all your edges and faces are clean.. that has just worked for me .. hope it makes sense..

also make sure all the faces of your fillVolume shape are square, as I had more issues after tweaking my shape.. result game would not load.. I noticed vertices on x axis for one or two faces were a mm out... so fixed those.. and all is good again..


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