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Created10.11.2014 15:22

Michael Schmidt (mschmidt2) 10.11.2014 15:24
Hey Guys

I got a question on making trees.
Do i need a script for the trees?
Or can i just make a tree and start cutting it up.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 12:07

if you don't want to establish a new tree type then you only need to export your tree.

Check the 'split type' attribute in the i3d exporter.

If you open a sample tree (data\maps\models\natural\trees) with n++ you can see what types refer to which type of tree:
ashTree15m has the value: splitType="6"


Michael Schmidt (mschmidt2) 10.01.2015 20:34
Thank you emil for your reply

Well i got it, but now i have a big problem.
I think the problem is with the lod which surrounds the whole tree.
How can i make a new lod that surrounds the tree?
Is that the same thing as a vehicle collision?

My second problem is:
I wanna make a tree that is not for the harvester for harvesting.
Only with the chainsaw would be possible to do so.
Cuz its gonna be a big big tree.
That is where i need to do a different kind of lod for the tree but i do not know how.

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