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Controll bidding mod help neded

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Created17.11.2014 18:06

Gabor Palagyi (Unknown) 17.11.2014 18:20
I'm working now on real like control devices for farming simulator. It is like a home cockpit building project.

To get real controls with functions like real, i need to change the key bidding logic.

Example: I would like to use a real light switch from a car. If i turn the switch on, its stays on, and the front lights going light until i turn the switch off. It is possible to add a "flag" for the control bidding to change from toggle to state holding until the key is pushed?

Simpler: i want use hardware side toggle, not software.

2. problem:

I try to create a lua http extension protocol, to create a web page with needed data, but cant get any result, its not working. Is there in the engine bult in serial print command, or http data share command implemented to share data via network, or serial? It would be great to use external device with web page to display data.

Thx for help,



Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 11:22

first of all, it's nice to hear from such a project.
I wish you lots of fun with it :)

So, about your first problem: Currently there is no possibility to change the behavior in a simple way.
You would need your very own script for that functionality.
Something like 'manualIgnition' might help you though.

About the second problem:
We can't open the game to other applications. I guess the reason is obvious.
You could link to a side with a virus or whatever ... we have to be safe, not sorry ;)

So, you could try to exchange data via an xml File.


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