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Problem with forage wagon

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Created25.11.2014 10:20

Isidro Fernandez (isidrogt) 25.11.2014 10:20
Hi !!
my trailer forage walking a few meters and fills up fast but has plenty of capacity.
Where do I can change to make it more real?
to Collect few kilograms per meter

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.12.2014 10:52

please check if the 'vehicle.xml' of your trailer has the variable 'fillScale' set
<fillScale value="1"/>

The default value is 1.


Isidro Fernandez (isidrogt) 08.12.2014 23:25
were right
thank you very much

Isidro Fernandez (isidrogt) 09.12.2014 17:22
and a combine?

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