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Making woodchip trigger accept shovels

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Created12.12.2014 19:18

Joseph E Williams (Josephwilliams1990) 12.12.2014 19:23
Hi, I am working on a new version of my map (Smithfield Farm). I have finished the creation of a woodchip boiler to connect to the farmhouse in 3ds max and designed it to be filled with a shovel.

As i am aware the woodchip trigger does not support shovel fill or movable planes.

I would like to be able to load it with a shovel and have the plane raise up to the top and go down slowly like the bga plant. I have had a look at the user attributes but have failed to get it to work.

Is this possible and how?

Many Thanks
Joseph Williams

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.12.2014 16:51

to able to tip the load of a shovel try the "ShovelTarget".
You can find an example therefore at the farm (in the barn with the sugraBeet, potato and woodChip heaps).
If you set the "isSilo" flag to false you'll get some money for tipping there.

The moving plane can be set by using the "movingIndex" attribute.
This attribute belongs to a "tipTrigger"
TipTriggers are pretty often used (e.g. at the selling point, but without a moving plane)
Make sure you set the following attributes:
moveMinY (float), moveMaxY (float), moveScale(float), moveBackScale (float)

Guess that should work ;)


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