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Created15.12.2014 20:40

Lorenzo Cornalba (Unknown) 15.12.2014 20:42
what cnvert the map for farming simulator 2013 at farming simulator 2015???

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2015 17:29

probablby the best way would be to:

- use the 'export all with files' option in the GE to export the default map into a mod directory (and use the modMapSDK)

- export all buildings ('export selection with files') from the FS13 map and import them into the new FS15 map

- copy all the 'ground/terrain' files from the old to the new map
(cultivator_density, fruit_density, etc)

- delete buildings and stuff you don't need in your new map

- do a final 'export all with files' from your 'new mod map' to a second 'new mod map'
This allows you to get rid of files whcih are not needed anymore, mainly textures but also i3d files


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