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Created26.12.2014 03:49

Greg March (GregM) 26.12.2014 03:53
Hi all, I am having some problems with a mod I have downloaded, its the Scania universal mod. When I go to attach 2 trailers together the drawbar locks solid. do I have to change the rotation in mod desc, if so what is the highest and lowest numerals so I can play around

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2015 17:55

this seems to be an issue of the mod itself.
Please contact the author of the mod.

Nonetheless you can adjust the attributes of a connection between two objects (joint).

Search for 'inputAttacherJoint' in the attachable/trailer and for 'attacherJoint' in the vehicle/tractor/truck (might also be a trailer)

Compare the values in the mod(s) with values of the default vehicles.


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