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In game color picker menu (isDyeable)

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Created26.12.2014 07:26

Manny Dos Santos (Manny2PlayFS) 26.12.2014 07:27
Hello farmers!!!
Im learning about XML DDS and iD3 files and im doing little mods in FS15. I have some question about the IN GAME COLOR PICKER. How its works? I see a command line in ModSpec file but... If i copy to other vehicle works in the same way? What i need to make the color picker work in another mod vehicle?
Thanks friends.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.01.2015 17:57

the first thing you should change is the texture of yoyur vehicle.
The color picker works only correct if the texture is white.
(Have a look at the original texture files)

To enable the color picker you only need to set the 'isDyeable' attribute in the modDesc.xml


Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 18.02.2015 01:16
what happens if the colour is white and this happens

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 18.02.2015 01:17
double post oO

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