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Created06.01.2015 21:55

Richard West (Unknown) 06.01.2015 21:58
Heyo! :)

I'm new to making mods in any game, My GF bought me the collectors edition of FS 2015, so i thought id give it a go.., im a little confused as to which softwares to use, can anyone throw me in the right direction? im looking to make a 3d model of my car (Mazda 323) and have it playable in FS 15! :D

I would appriciate ANY help possible. :)

Thanking you in advanced

Mike Richer (Unknown) 07.01.2015 05:01
For starters, head over to the download page:

There you will find links to exporters for popular 3D modeling programs that will export your 3D model into a format the game understands. You'll also want the GE, Giants Editor. There is also a sample MOD available to download which will introduce you to the basics. If you navigate to the directory where you installed the game, there is a folder there titles SDK which already has some of the pieces you need.

I'd start with that, and then ask more specific questions on where you're hung up.

There are a good set of resources here as well:;cat=1

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