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What is the scale of the map?

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Created10.01.2015 15:42

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 10.01.2015 15:43
can someone please confirm for me, what is the scale of the default map?
As I make my first map, I am trying to determine my field sizes and costs, and I want to calculate their actual area.
Any advice welcome,


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 16:57

the default map has a size of 2050m x 2050m

But this might be different for your mod map depending on what size your files have and which map settings you use.

To get sure you could place a TG (transform group) in the border(s) of your map and check its position.

To calculate the size of a field you could estimate its size by using the TGs which define the field or by using the "pixel are" in a density map and calculate the actual field size out of that.


Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 12.01.2015 18:47
Thanks for the helpful reply. I am using a default size map, so that is just what I needed to know,


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