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Center off Mass problem

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Created11.01.2015 03:13

Surci Modding (surciHUN) 11.01.2015 03:18
Hi! This is my problem in the game:
And in G.E.:
I can't fix centerOffMass problem in G.E. When im make a new RigidBody (scale 1 1 1,etc) save, re-open .i3d the CenterOffMass value:
-1.#J -1.#J -1.#J
Sorry my bad english.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:14

this looks strange.

Maybe you a have badly set "inputAttacherJoint"?

About the center of mass:
Please check if the trailer has a convex collision.
The center of mass can also be set/overwritten in the xml file of the vehicle.


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