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Created11.01.2015 12:23

Nolan Smith (Nsmit100) 11.01.2015 12:25
I'm having a problem with grass when I re-texture areas with grass. The new texture shows up but the 3D grass is still growing. How can I remove that?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:15

by default this is not possible, because the default map has only one type of grass which does grow.
So, if you want an extra layer for 'decoration grass' please check a mod map, which makes use of that.


Bret Music (Musicman) 07.02.2015 22:02
I couldnt get a straight answer on that either, but what worked for me was if i wanted gravel over the grass the grass would come up through the grass. I would paint the gravel and then use the foilage layer and use grass and only channel used was number four and if you zoom in close you can see the grass go away. Foilage + Grass + foilage channel 4. Make sure channel 1 is not checked.

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