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What is the biggest memory drain?

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Created22.01.2015 22:15

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 22.01.2015 22:26
I am in the middle of creating my first map. I am using almost the full default size map, so it is turning into quite a large & detailed region.
It has been progressing ok but I am beginning to notice some slight delay when I tab between different vehicles when they are at opposite sides of the map. (other than that the map appears to run smoothly at the moment)
So is this delay normal, or can anyone advise on what objects cause the most power drain?
I have already used a large number of small road segments & placed lots of trees, but I still have lots more trees/hedges/fencing/ fields/decorative houses to insert.

Any tips on ways to avoid too much slowdown will be appreciated,


Larry Horse (Larry) 24.01.2015 01:12
1. clip distances
for example: road sign 125- 75 depending on size of the object
hoses barns and such 250-350
miscellanies crap laying around 100-150
2 this is probably most important,use common sense,see how much bang you get for a buck,meaning try avoiding objects with too many polygons you don't need a house with a kitchen and a bathroom inside or a grain elevator with every last detail modeled.

3 try avoiding models with too many textures

4 get a decent computer,can't make a chicken salad out of chicken sh..........

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 24.01.2015 15:05
Thanks Larry,
that is very helpful.
Up to today, the only 'lag' I have seen is when tabbing between tractors that are far apart on the map.
However, I think I am reaching a slowdown point as just today I created another field, with approx. 35 barbed wire fence sections all round, and I now notice lag when I drive close to the field.

I have a good pc, i7 4770k, 8GB Ram, 3gb HD7950 GPU, but I think I might have set my sights too high by trying to fill the whole map area with a bit too much detail.

I will do as you suggest and look for ways to reduce the impact - for instance I have a high number of road sections all over the map, so I can remove some of the lesser lanes and replace them with texture, which will hopefully help. I'll watch those clip planes too,

Thanks again

Larry Horse (Larry) 25.01.2015 01:15
Roads fences are fine, you not gonna get enough of them on there to make an impact, but you need try find a balance between what looks good and what is just clutter and eats up memmory

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 27.01.2015 09:23
Thanks Larry, you are right, I am not seeing any slowdown caused by the objects, (although whilst checking the clipping distances, I was surprised to see that a barbed wire fence was set at 1,000,000 ! I lowered these to 300).

But I have now noticed that the biggest effect on my framerate seems to be when I add areas of terrain detail (such as grass, dry grass, wheat).
FPS is solid 60 at all times until I move close to these areas, then they drop to 30. Have you noticed this effect? I have a 3Gb HD7950 so I wasn't expecting to see this, at least not yet, as I have only added a small amount of this detail so far.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 10:54

you might compare this to the default map.
Depending on wether you started with a mod map or not you'll get different results / fps.

But it is right, that a too dense foliage can cause the FPS to drop.

Just check the amount of rendered triangles (and objects, ...) in the statitics view.
(Hit F8 several times)


Jamie Wagner (Unknown) 05.03.2015 12:50
im trying to figure out how to make a bigger chicken coop but im still learning how to use the giant editor or is there a way to change it in an already mod folder the one i have always gets stuck or cant really move around in bigger is better in some sense but the ones people have done is a lil cramped n needs an improvement im not sure how to do it myself but id give credit where credit is do


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