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Created17.02.2015 17:23

Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 17.02.2015 17:25
Hi, I have problem with famer in my tractor. I set the foot position to pedals, but when I start the game, farmer has foot on different place. Sorry for my English. :)

<ikChain id="rightFoot" target="0>9|1" targetOffset="0 0.1 0" alignToTarget="true" isDirtyOnLoad="true" >
<node index="0|1" />
<node index="0|1|0" minRx="0" maxRx="0" minRy="-20" maxRy="20" minRz="0" maxRz="90" />
<node index="0|1|0|0" minRx="0" maxRx="0" minRy="0" maxRy="0" minRz="270" maxRz="360" />
<node index="0|1|0|0|0" />
<ikChain id="leftFoot" target="0>9|2" targetOffset="0 0.1 0" alignToTarget="true" isDirtyOnLoad="true">
<node index="0|2" />
<node index="0|2|0" minRx="0" maxRx="0" minRy="-20" maxRy="20" minRz="0" maxRz="90" />
<node index="0|2|0|0" minRx="0" maxRx="0" minRy="0" maxRy="0" minRz="270" maxRz="360" />
<node index="0|2|0|0|0" />

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.02.2015 09:29

the feet are placed at the "target nodes".
So check if the transformgroups "0>9|1" and "0>9|2" are at the right location.


Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 18.02.2015 17:42
Hi, both transformGroups I placed at the right position when I was making the tractor. Now the tractor is finished, except farmer. I think It's maybe some stupid mistake, which I overlooked. ;-)

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 06.03.2015 11:48
Hello, Giants can't give .i3d hand & foot parts for placing correctly the farmer on mods ?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.03.2015 16:40

all you need to set up the farmer in a tractor are some TG (transformgroups).

Let's make this clearer by using an example.

Open the file
data\vehicles\steerable\deutz\deutzAgroStar661.i3d and the corresponding .xml file.

In line 158 of the xml file the fun starts.

<characterNode index="0>21|0" .........
0>21|0 is the index string to the root TG where the farmer will be placed later on.

<ikChain id="rightFoot" target="0>21|1" ............
0>21|1 is used to place the right foot

<ikChain id="leftFoot" target="0>21|2" ..........
0>21|1 is used to place the left foot

And for the arms/hands:
<ikChain id="rightArm" target="0>11|0|0" ......
as well as
<ikChain id="leftArm" target="0>11|0|1" ......

If you follow the index string for the arms you will see that these TGs are placed on the steering wheel.
This makes them move when the steering wheel turns.
Please pay attention to their rotation values respectively how they are rotated. (This is also true for the other TGs)

Should be fairly straightforward to set up a farmer in a new tractor.


Thenevsova36 (thenevsova36) 12.03.2015 14:09
Hmm, interesting!



Torlasco (diego_gg111) 12.03.2015 19:05
In my case I had to move the transform groups manually until they where in the right position.
But in your case I think you have to change the -"minRx="0" maxRx="0" minRy="-20" maxRy="20" minRz="0" maxRz="90""- part of your farmer. I'd use the ones of the default machines like the Deutz 7250.

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