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New to Farm Simulator where do i find mods?Thanks

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Created21.02.2015 20:44

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.02.2015 08:33

you can find mods here for example:


Nate Olson (Nate_Olson6991) 31.05.2015 11:18
hey, AEM(American Eagles Modding) is also a good one if you want more american style mods. you will need to create an account though

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.06.2015 03:52
consider to ask Google. ;)

Yannik Zausig (TintoKalle14) 04.06.2015 17:16
Hi, is also a good website. You needn't have to create an account here, but if you download many mods in a short time it's not so good, because most mods must be downloaded from Maybe you know this website: only one slow download per 3 hours or money for a premium account. But the mods are good. Tip: Look at the heading of a mod, maybe it doesn't fit to your LS-Version. For example: cool truck, but "Scania... for FS 2013"


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