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MAP Bug? Or other?

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Created24.02.2015 12:16

Zsolt Nedeczki (Unknown) 24.02.2015 12:18
Hey! I would see in the picture problem! I reject the plants and so must be good! I do not use any trampling way! I've already tried, or 10 basis MAP! The log clean!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2015 08:04

it's not totally clear to me what you did and so I can hardly guess what might be the problem for the 'rows without crops/plants' ...

To check if you understood how the painting of plants in the GE works, please create a mod map from a default map and edit some fields inside the GIANTS Editor.
Then check ingame how it looks.

If you get this done correctly the error should be in the mod map.


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