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Created25.02.2015 00:21

Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 25.02.2015 00:27
hi! sorry for my english. I wanted to convert a mod for farming simulator 2013 for the 15. The tractor converts fine but the crawler do not move . That is, the tractor is moving but no crawler . How can I create the animation to the crawler ? You can use the old animations ? If you know you could explain it to me for good? thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2015 08:08

as always ... please check the default vehicles first.
The file data\vehicles\steerables\newHollandT8435.xml is a good example.

Find the section <crawlers> and see if you understand what the attributes mean.

If you have any specific question for any attribute feel free to ask again.


Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 26.02.2015 16:30
hello , I have a problem . I wanted to replace the back wheels of a tractor with rubber tracks of the original game but the problem is that it runs around the track and not remain straight . I would say very unreal :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.02.2015 10:49

hehehe, yeah that sounds unreal.

So ... let's use the afore mentioned sample vehicle: newHollandT8435.xml

Please check the indices (index paths) for the wheels:

<wheel rotSpeed="0" restLoad="2.7" repr="0>2" driveNode="0>2|0" ......

When you have a closer look at the front wheels and their indices you will notice the following:
repr - is the object which is used to rotate a wheel (y-axis) when steering
drivenode - is the object which is used to visualize the wheel turning on movement (x-axis)

Now try to apply that to your vehicle and check where you link the crawlers to:

<crawler index="0" speedRefWheel="3" scrollSpeed="0.148" ........ linkIndex="?!?!">


Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 01.03.2015 18:51
hello, how can I do for animations iron crawler in farming simulator 15? I managed to turn the wheels and the track tensioner but shoes are firm. Do you have any solution? I saw the mod with the iron crawler so I know that it is possible and I would like to try it myself :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.03.2015 11:15

honestly speaking, I don't understand exactly what you want to do.
Which mod are you referring to?

The band/tape/belt/strip of a crawler is moved by a shader, the attributes you have to set in the xml file are in the following line:
<crawler index="0" speedRefWheel="3" scrollSpeed="0.148" scrollLength="6.76" shaderParameterName="offsetUV

If you want the parts/rolls to rotate just add a line for each element and set the attributes accorindgly:
<rotatingPart index="1" radius="0.578" />


Enrico Accorsi (CMPunk95) 02.03.2015 15:32
Sorry for my english...i don't speak it very well...
For the tractor Fiat 605c the crawler bands are firm. I have add the attributes but they don't move. The crawler is composing by more part...maybe depends on it

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