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Created07.03.2015 09:49

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 07.03.2015 09:58
Hi Everyone

I'm busy making a map situated in South Africa. I increased the map_dem size to 2048x2048 and also all of the files in the map folder. The problem is that the PDA in the game does not correspond to where I am on the map. It's stuck to the dimensions of the 1024x1024 map. Changing the file to 2048x2048 does not work. I know it can be fixed as the MIG_Map_MadeInGermany_Celle is exactly the same size as mine and their PDA corresponds perfectly to your map location even though their is only 1024x1024 which tells me the size of this dds file has nothing to do with the adjustment but just the quality of the map you see. Please help.....

Unknown 07.03.2015 11:09
Okay I managed to fix it. Can't believe that in so mane forums it's said that the game cannot do it.

Open your "SampleModMap" LUA file in note pad and searh for "pda" you will find these lines...

self.ingameMap:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("pda_map.png", self.baseDirectory), 2049, 2049);

g_statisticView:setMapViewsMap(Utils.getFilename("pda_map.png", self.baseDirectory), 2049, 2049);

2049 represent the size of the map_dem file. What you have to do is double this size in the LUA file to look like this.

self.ingameMap:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("pda_map.png", self.baseDirectory), 4096, 4096);

g_statisticView:setMapViewsMap(Utils.getFilename("pda_map.png", self.baseDirectory), 4096, 4096);

Now the PDA will correspond to the map and where you are on it.

Hope this will help some of the modders out there building bigger maps.

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