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How to make a new ingame?

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Created16.03.2015 19:39

Alex Ghivnici (Unknown) 16.03.2015 19:45
Hi and sorry for my bad english.
I would to make a new ingame to a mod.
Please can someone explain me what to do in that case. I work with sampleMod,in Giants Editor wheels are invisble,I replace with my wheels and in the game appear the two .
Check the pictures,please.

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 16.03.2015 21:19
The wheels are dynamics. They are set in the wheels part of the xml file of your mod.
If you want the mod to load your wheels you have to change the path to where your wheels are located.

Alex Ghivnici (Unknown) 16.03.2015 21:37
I will try . Thank you very much !

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