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As Putting Two Attacher Joint ?? (front hooves) to a mod

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Created16.03.2015 20:54

Walter Degaudenzi (Unknown) 16.03.2015 20:57
want to put two locks to a drill, one that is working mode and other transport modod

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 16.03.2015 21:24
The header SUPERFLEX DRAPER 45FT of NH in FS15 have two types of attacher (working and transport), maybe you can look a it and do something similar to your drill.

Walter Degaudenzi (Unknown) 17.03.2015 01:16
I so want to put two hooks for this drill, are two of trailerJoint type, my question is how do to run both, it only works me one when I want to engage the other launches will not let me, and try all the ways that my knowledge of modding let me reach

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.03.2015 08:37

the thread has been moved to a more appropiate section ;)

So, you can only use one attacher at a time.
( = It is not possible to connect a trailer to two tractors at the same time)
If this was your question?


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