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Created10.04.2015 14:59

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 10.04.2015 15:06
I have seen that modders arrange the hierarchy in diferent ways, some put the main collision as the main parent and all components are child of it, others use a component as parent with others components as childs, and, as the default game, some uses a component as a main parent, and then one component called "Vis_...." (with everything inside) as a child of it.
My question is, in Maya, how can I make that "Vis_..." component, since it is not a real mesh and neither is an empty transform?
And, what is the best choise for arrange the hierarchy for mods, like tractors, trailers, simple implements, etc.?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:21

that all depends more or less on the vehicle itself.

If the vehicle has two or more physical bodies which must be able change their positions relative to each other (some form of free rotation/translation) you will need more than one physical body (component). A good example herefore is the following trailer: Kröger HKD 302

"Compound Childs" are so to say additional physical bodies to fine grain the collision of a vehicle.
You can also adjust their position relative to the root element. (only since FS15!)

In the end it is up to you how you organize the hierachy ...
We try to do the following:
- physical root element
- movable parts (like cylinders) and all information first (like working areeas etc)
- visible meshes without any function
- compound childs

But this does not always works .... sometimes you need a child of a visible mesh to have a functionality ... and whatever reasons there might be ;)

So, normally the "..._vis" element is just a visible mesh without any function.


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