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$l10n_shopItemName_XX entry

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Created30.05.2015 15:24

Andre Nierhaus (Dimer24) 30.05.2015 15:26

I am traing to use the <combination>$l10n_shopItemName_X</combination> Tag
But I do not know what records exist.

In the File SDK\specsAndFunctions.txt is the line

when I use this record the following value wil record in then Shop
In English
Suitable for: Missing shopItemName_FrontLoader in descriptions_en.xml
In German
Pasend zu: 3020 Schneidwerk

With records ($l10n_shopItemName_) can I use in the modDesc.xml File.
Does anybody know anything about this.

where can I find the File descriptions_en.xml descriptions_ge.xml

Thanks for any reply

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2015 07:54

the values for the "combination" attribute are normally listed as plain text.

e.g. for the Stoll frontloader:

<name>FZ 30</name>
<combination>Steyr Multi 4115</combination>


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.06.2015 01:19
Anyway you can use the $l10n method. That's espec. to prefer if you have language dependent texts.
You must have a <l10n> entry in the modDesc.xml like eg.
<text name="xxyyzz">
<en>Kaercher high pressure washer</en>
<de>Kärcher Hochdruckreiniger</de>
Then you can use this entry like <combination>$l10n_xxyyzz</combination>

It doesn't care which text you use for "xxyyzz", however the expression "shopItemName_abc" is often used for better readability.

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