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Created08.06.2015 22:38

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 08.06.2015 22:38
Hey now that the script documentation is released, is there a function to make the pickup head on a forage harvester able to pick up the grass_windrow, and keep it as grass_windrow through the harvester? I'd like to know if that's possible, and even with the straw. That'd be great, and I'd most definitely use that. I mean, I know you could pick it up in a loader wagon, but that's no fun.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2015 08:37

take a look at the xml files of the cutter and the combine ...

In the cutter you would have to change the entries like "convertedFruit" and in the combine the "fillTypes" entry.

Could work, but not tested ;)


Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 15.06.2015 21:12
Yeah, I've already tried changing the converted fruit to be grass, if the input is grass, and it says use windrowed fruittypes, that is set to true. I've set the harvester filltype to be grass_windrow, but nothing even goes into the harvester, the grass_windrow doesn't even come off the ground. I'll try it with the big X, but it didn't work with a mod, and the mod is well-made. Would I maybe have to set the windrowed fruittypes to false, then make the input grass_windrow, the output grass_windrow, and the combine filltype to grass_windrow? I'm thinking I might need a script, but I'll test this.

Joseph Metz (Unknown) 03.03.2016 08:36
Has anyone figured out the answer to this yet? I have also been trying to do this same thing, and have had the same results as mentioned. I have not found a mod that will do this yet. Is it possible for giants to try figuring this out and replying back?

Reef (Unknown) 31.03.2016 22:45
I have also come here looking for a solution to this issue, I've tried various configurations in the .xmls and it will only do one of three things,
1) output as chaff
2) not pickup or output at all
3) output as grass (not grass_windrow) which is effectively a new fruit but useless as the BGA's and grass troughs only accept grass_windrow.

I hope that you can look into this @Giants

Nick Kesselring (Unknown) 16.09.2016 22:15
I too have tried this and failed in every way. The only thing that I have not done is look into the pull type chopper that gives you a choice of switching chaff or grass output. There must be a way to at least accomplish that option.

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