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Created25.07.2015 17:09

Peter Smith (petorious) 25.07.2015 17:10
It has been along time since I tried to get this mod going again and I would still like to be able to use as I am sure many other would as well. The background of this mod is that it has been around for along time and I believe it originated back in Farming Simulator 2011 and made by GeriG, I believe it was also made open source back then and has been reincarnated and re uploaded many times.

In Farming Simulator 2013 I made a tutorial showing you all how to make your maps have more than four directions of texture, in that I included the files you'd need and a mod which was a converted UpdateAI. This mod was essential for hire use as you were able to keep the direction even when game was re started, not to mention you could delete the course and start a new one.

There are various types of helper tools for Farming simulator 2015 but the main ones are buggy or complicated which is why this mod is so good.
I have converted this mod over to Farming Simulator 2015 and part of it works fine but the reset function does not work and I can not seem to fathom why.

This is where a bit of team work will come in use, if anyone can help feel free as if I can get this fully working it will then be available to all and I am sure many of you will be very thankful.

UpdateAI converted to Farming Simulator 2015 in its current half working format

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.07.2015 07:51

the script documentation is released:

Maybe it could help fixing the problems.


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