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Created06.08.2015 21:47

Ben Fluttert (Unknown) 06.08.2015 21:49
when I try to open an i3d file with my 6.0.3 giants editor it just say error loading i3d file and does nothing please help, Bflutz625

Master Saygo (Unknown) 07.08.2015 00:19
More info needed. Such as, have u tried loading another i3d file and if so was it a standard Giants i3d or a downloaded mod. Also you could try opening it in Maya. If Maya also won't open, then probably corrupted id3 file. Also could try opening it in a text editor (Notepad). If Notepad can't open, then 95% sure it's a corrupted file.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.08.2015 11:51
Also have a look into the editor log: User\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor ..\editor_log.txt
In many cases the error report delivers hints what's going wrong.

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