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Created13.08.2015 10:20

Sam Northey (Unknown) 13.08.2015 10:25

I'm having problems applying a normal map to a mod using GE. When I add the normal map using the materials window in GE, the mesh goes a lot darker - its not reflecting any light and it appears the normals aren't there when you show the normals in the debug menu. The normal maps weren't made in the modelling software, but I don't see how it would effect it. Is there a particular format it needs to be saved in? Its currently dds dxt1. What's the deal with alpha in normal maps?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.08.2015 11:38

you don't need any alpha channel for normal maps.

You need to apply the normal map in your 3d modelling program and export the model again.
Otherwise an attribute which is required for displaying the normal map correctly will be missing.

In earlier versions of the i3d format (before the .spahes file) you could adjust that attribute afterwards.
But it's cumbersome to adjust that attribute for every mesh everytime you export the model, so it just makes sense to do everything correctly directly in your 3d modeling program.


Sam Northey (Unknown) 13.08.2015 11:55
Ok, thanks for your help

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