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Created14.08.2015 19:41

Gregor Urankar (gregor96) 14.08.2015 19:50
I am making a belt rake (windrower) and there are pulleys that should rotate during work. I already have an animation for belts and forks. I knowtype is mower (i take it from mower xml) but it doesnt work on windrower or anything else even if i change type. I really want to use this though i could make an animation for pulleys.

I need help with function:

<turnedOnRotationNode index="XX" type="mower" rotSpeed="-1500" rotAxis="2" turnOnFadeTime="3" turnOffFadeTime="3"/>

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.08.2015 08:11

currently the windrower script:
usese an animation to be played if it is turned on

The windrower script does not make use of the turnedOnRotationNodes.
So you can't use them in this case, except you write a custom script.

Eventually you could use the "speedRotatingParts" and a dummy animation, but I guess it is far easier to integrate the pulleys into your current animation.


Gregor Urankar (gregor96) 17.08.2015 17:27
Thank you!

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