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giants engine 6.0.2 crashed

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Created21.08.2015 18:46

Hannes Kynast (Unknown) 21.08.2015 18:49
Hello all,
my giants engine 6.0.2 crashed by play the game farming simulator 15.
Who can help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.08.2015 07:47

did you use mods?
If so please give it a try without any mods..

If you did not use any mods, please be a bit more specific and tell us where the game crashed?
What did you do at that moment?
Does it always crash when you do that?


P.S. One thing you should do is to update the drivers of your graphics card.

Aaron Reeves (Unknown) 14.02.2016 20:33
have you ever found a fix for this? we had our laptop checked and the graphics card is up to date. we have tried everything. even mods downloaded from the farming simulator game will not play. its just the maps not the equipment mods. we have played this game for years. he has played the 15 edition since it came out and had no problems until 1/2/2016

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.02.2016 08:37

to tackle down an error we need to reproduce the error.
So, could you please give it one more try by not using any mod, but only the original maps and machinery.
If the game crashes, what does your log.txt show?
Are there any error messages?


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