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Created16.09.2015 22:23

Sedge Morgan (Unknown) 16.09.2015 22:31
Hello to all i have a problem with crawlers added to a mod version of NewHolland T6.160 i copied the lines from the newHollandT8435.

The tractor shows up in the game with the crawlers at the back no problem

Big problem instead of the rubber track going around the crawlers the whole lot goes around like triangular wheels instead of just the track

Could someone help me please?????

here is the xml so you can see what i did

(edit by moderator: removed xml file - please post it somewhere else, e.g. pastebin and just post the link to this file here. Thanks)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.09.2015 08:15

if I understand the problem correctly you have to take care of the "repr" and "driveNode" attribute of the wheels.

So, if we take the newHollandT8345.xml as an example, you will find the following line in the wheels section:

<wheel rotSpeed="0" restLoad="2.7" repr="0>2" driveNode="0>2|0" .......

"repr": points to the node which will create the "physical wheel"
If there is no "driveNode" attribute given the "repr" object will also rotate according to the current speed and steering. (steering only happens if rotSpeed > 0)
But if there is a "driveNode" attribute the rotation according to the speed will happen in this node.


Have a look at the crawler section ...

<crawler index="0" speedRefWheel="3" ... linkIndex="0>2" ...

The "linkIndex" tells the game where to link the crawler to.
In this case it is linked to the "physical wheel", but not to the "driveNode".

I guess your problem was, that you have linked the crawler to the "driveNode".
That would at least explain why the whole thing rotates ;)

Hope that helps?


Sedge Morgan (Unknown) 18.09.2015 03:10
Hello thank you for your help but i still have the same problem

First i copied the crawlers from the newHollandT8345 xml to my NewHolland T6.160 xml

so first in the wheel section i left the top two lines witch is the original front wheels
i replaced the two bottom ones from the newHollandT8345
then i removed the two lines of dynamically Loaded Part corresponding to the two back wheels

after i copied the crawlers section as i have understood this part i remapped it to the crawler ii3d file that is in the wheels folder

first crawler index="0>0|0" represents the rubber band index

second link Index="0>2" witch in my case wheel Back Right Dummy
(sub-category is missing dummy Wheel) That could be the problem i don't know

third crawler Index="0|0" witch tells what kind of crawler i want to use and what side it is on

and to finish the 123456 section thanks to the radius they were easy to remap to what they should be

Now originally the New Holland T6.160 has no drive Node at the back But now has one as i copied it from newHollandT8345
i tried deleting the drive Node and also using others but the log file says index out of range

as for the repr they are both correct

Do you have any ideas??????

I will try adding to my NewHolland T6.160 .i3d the missing sub-category to obtain the correct drive node


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2015 08:04

the error message "index out of range" represents a serious problem because an object/node could not be found.

You need a "dummy driveNode" per wheel to be able to dismiss the rotation according to the current speed of the vehicle?
Just create a transformgroup, place it as a child in the corresponding node and set the attributes "driveNode" to these values (index path).


Sedge Morgan (Unknown) 18.09.2015 12:57
Hey Thanks for all your help i had solved the problem by 4 in the morning my time

i opened the newHollandT8345 i3d with notepad++ and copied the transformgroups and replaced them on my NewHolland T6.160 with notepad++
i kept the id already in the NewHolland T6.160 i saved and opened the
NewHolland T6.160 i3d file with editor it had added it's self correctly and automatic
i made sure the id was the same in the editor as in notepad++ had them both open at the same time it was perfect.

i then started the game surprise the crawlers would no longer move lol

although the crawlers remap was done with each bit in the correct place i guess i didn't need to specify the rubber band track IDK it was late so i just copied back from newHollandT8345 xml all the crawlers sections to my NewHolland T6.160 xml saved started the game and it worked fine (problem solved)

Thank you so much for your help


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