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Created23.09.2015 04:33

Alain Lambert (Vespel) 23.09.2015 04:38
Hello again dear community,
i have mostly finish my first mod and the texture,but i have a big problem to adding logo on my mods,in the FS modding for dummies there is no explanation about how and the tutorial on Youtube doesn't really help.
So i want to know how you add decals like you did on a different texture file with blender this is my last step before i finally finish my first mod.
Thank you for any help provided.

Best regards Alain

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.09.2015 08:54

allthough I'm not familiar with blender I'll try to help you by giving you a rather general advice/explanation.

A logo is a so called decal.
This is basically a rather simple polygon (mostly just a quad) with a material.
The material very likely consists of a texture and is "alpha blended", which means that it has some transparent areas.
It is really ynothing special ...

But you can set a special user attribute for decals (decal layer) which will force this objects to be rendered slighty in front of the object behind it (always in respect to the current camera position and orientation).
With this the decal will never flicker ;)


Alain Lambert (Vespel) 23.09.2015 09:41
thank you very much Emil for replying me,that was fast :) I will try what you said i have try numerous ways but not what you are talking about,i will try the attribute thing.Thank you.

Best regards Alain

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