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Created25.09.2015 15:03

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 25.09.2015 15:03

I wonder if in the fs2015 it was possible to do:

_of WORKAREA groups?
_évité to shot a roll of a cup once before sunrise?
_y is there a new approach to animated flexible?
_a what fs 2015 scales is it?

For I am confronted me some concern as the size of the Mayan scale to that of GE 6.0.3.

The WORKAREA also ask my concern, I have my tool that folds in half is I start with an Area on both sides, but its does not work so I made with 1 Area is very well but the tool work more than one dimension than the other, my tool is 6,08m in Maya's not in my GE Area are
startIndex = everything left
widthIndex = middle [if I change him what my tool works too large]
heightIndex = rear middle

Collisions sake wonder every time I raise the game, my tool is unfolding is collisions are folded? why how can I fix the problem?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.09.2015 08:20

to understand how the WorkArea should be set up please have a look at the folowing webpage:

The scale in maya is the same as in the game.
So, 1m in Maya is also 1m in the game.

But, the resolution of the terrain is quantized, which means that sometimes (and depending on the direction you drive) your tool might work on a larger area than what it should do. This effect is inevitable and on a normal map it is not huge (should not be more than ~0.5m in the absolute worst case)

Concerning collisions you have multiple ways to set them up.
If you only need a collision which moves with a moving part of your tool you can use 'compound childs'.
But if you need a flexible (freely/loosley moving part) you have to use 'real components'.
In the latter case you also have to use component joint and set them up properly.


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