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Any way to get something to float in water on Farming Simulator 2015?

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Created11.10.2015 23:25

Cody Lookabill (Unknown) 11.10.2015 23:26
I'm doing a mod and was wondering if someone knew if you could somehow get something to float in water or is it not possible at all?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 16:19

by using custom scripts a lot is possible.

I think their was a mod which integrated a ferry back in FS2013 or FS2011.
But I'm not sure how many degrees of freedom the ship offered (maybe it was just an animation)


Rich Rod (MrRichRod) 24.11.2015 05:47
I too, am trying to figure this out. The map I'm working on previously had ducks that floated, or 'bobbed' on the water plane of the water. I accidentally removed the original water plane, was able to import it back from the original .pdf of the map into the map I'm editing, however now the lily pads and ducks that originally floated are now locked in place in the water. I know it's possible. I wanted to make the rowboat float up and down too. Any ideas? Thanks.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.11.2015 07:20

you could use the script for the ship:

That is actually a script which moves objects along a spline.


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