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Created02.11.2015 15:07

Derek Latham (ragworm) 02.11.2015 15:11
i am trying to make grimme maxtron particles work but am having no luck
the chopper at front works but that is all .Forgot to say that i am harvesting carrot i have
put new images in particle files but nothing shows.Any help welcomed

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 17:59

please take a closer look at the xml file of the maxtron.
THere are not only
but also
and further entries which drive the paticle systems / effects.


Derek Latham (ragworm) 09.11.2015 17:10
Hi again

got unloading particles working fine now but still cant get harvesting particles
to appear .
chaff emmitter works fine but no dirt or anything else .Is there a trigger i am missing or something
that starts emitters ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.11.2015 09:03

the harvesting emitters should start as soon as you are actually harvesting something.

Please check if there are any error messages in your log file. (log.txt)

<threshingParticleSystem ... /> is the attribute you are having problems with?
Or which particle system/effect does not show up?


Derek Latham (ragworm) 18.11.2015 15:53
Hi Emil

there are no errors in log
i will show modesc

(EDIT by moderator:
What you showed/posted is not the modDesc but the vehicle.xml file.
Please do us a favour and post that file on a site like pastebin and only post the link to that in this forum.
Currently the forum is not really usable for that long xml postings - Thanks!)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.11.2015 16:13

please esee my edit in your post - Thanks!


Derek Latham (ragworm) 19.11.2015 20:39
first time ever tried this

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.11.2015 07:28

but it worked :)

So, which particle systems/effects are we talking about?

combineThreshingScrollers ?

combineThreshingFillScrollers ? <- please check the fruit type


Also check if the nodes given in the attributes really do exist in the i3d.


Derek Latham (ragworm) 25.11.2015 20:13
HI Emil

tried everything can think of and see
harvester fills fine scrollers if they are the things that go around work fine
but still no particles turn up
added filltypes removed filltypes
i just seam to be missing trigger or something
would there be something in lua or do i have to add something to lua ?

Derek Latham (ragworm) 14.12.2015 21:06
Hi Emil

i think that it is not possible to get particles to work as fruit preparer only dose one fruit

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.12.2015 08:12

the "combineThreshingFillParticleSystems" support different fillTypes.

But the "groundParticle" don't support different fruit types.

Hope that helps somehow.


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