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Created22.12.2015 22:59

Fdegh Hgb (Unknown) 22.12.2015 23:01
I created a map for fs 15. I have moved the cow zone, they appear where i put them, but when i buy more than 3 cows the game crashes. In the log file does not say anything about this problem. Can someone help me?

William Burns (51stHD) 23.12.2015 12:00
If you haven't already done so, I would recommend you watch Farmer Yip's video tutorials on YouTube.

The "How to move the cow zone" tutorial is here

Fdegh Hgb (Unknown) 24.12.2015 19:51
Yes..i moved the cow zone like in the video ;) .....what is the problem??

Larry Horse (Larry) 26.12.2015 14:47
Got to delete navigation mesh and paint brand new one makeing sure all attributes are right

Fdegh Hgb (Unknown) 30.12.2015 00:29
I recreated again the cowZone and i make it bigger..i think the problem was that it was too small... :D

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