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Setting up recorded engine sounds

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Created23.12.2015 13:28

Roger Hogg (quattro) 23.12.2015 13:28
Hello everyone

I am trying to set up engine sounds that I have recorded using a Zoom H2N sound recorder that I have specifically purchased for the job as I wasn't satisfied with the poor quality recordings I got from my phone and a cheaper sound recorder. I have recorded one of our tractors from 850rpm, right up to 2450rpm at 200rpm intervals. I am impressed with the quality of the recordings from my first go with this new piece of kit, nice deep, full sounds compared to the "tinny" phone recordings.

However, my problem lies with adding these sounds to my new tractor mod. I can't get my head around the settings for motorSoundRun and motorSoundRun2. I have been playing around with the settings for a couple of weeks now and after blaming the sounds for being poor, I bought the Zoom recorder but I am still not getting anywhere! Perhaps could someone explain what each function does, and perhaps if anyone has tried this before, suggest what engine rpm I should record for each setting.


motorSoundRun - I've tried using a mid range rev such as a 1600rpm recording for this, seems to be the best of the bad bunch
motorSoundRun2 - my best results are with a 2400rpm recording for this, but then there is a constant sound from this at idle engine revs. Then if I adjust the volume down for this, it is no good.

Could someone explain the relationship between motorSoundRun and motorSoundRun2 as well as how this is reflected by adjusting the other options.

Many thanks


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.12.2015 08:38

the name for motorSoudnRun2 is a bit misleading (will change in the next version of FS).
It is meant to be used as the sound of the gearbox, so I would recommend that you stick with a default file first and take care of the motorSoundRun only.

A recording for the motorSoudnRun should be somehwere in teh mid range of the rpm, because it is pitched up and down depending on the motor state in the game.
How exactly it is modified can be seen in the script (starting at line 411)
all scripts:

If you need any help to understand the script please let me know.


Roger Hogg (quattro) 29.12.2015 18:26
Hi Emil,

Many thanks for getting back to me on this. I have been making adjustments to the sounds again today and I think I am beginning to understand it a little better. The pitchOffset seems to be a way of slowing down the engine sound - for the tick over sound I am using a recording of 1100rpm reduced down with the pitchOffset which seems to work well. PitchMax seems to be the fastest that sound plays at, e.g. you could make the 1100rpm sound file seem like it is 1400rpm by moving the PitchMax. Would I be right in those assumptions?

I still have a couple of questions:

- What does the pitchScale do?
- Are there any recommended levels for the volume? I don't want my tractor to be too loud compared to in game tractors particularly in a multiplayer situation.

Thanks again,


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.12.2015 08:41

yes, your assumptions are correct so far.

The pitchScale is basically a value which is used to define how much the sound should be pitched according to the current rpm (rounds per minute)
But it is used for rps (rounds per second), due to the fact that floating numbers have a limited precision.

max rpm: 2200
min rpm: 1000
delta rpm: 1200
delta rps: 20

pitchOffset: 1.0
pitchScale: 0.05 (this is default value which the motorized script uses if no value is given)
-> max pitch: 1.0 + 20 * 0.05 = 2.0

If you set a value for pitchMax which is lower than 2.0 (sounds can only be pitched in the range of 0.5 - 2.0) the sound won't change that much anymore after a certain level of rpm (or rps)

Finally, let me say that the script pitches the motorSound and motorSoundRun not only according to the current rpm, but also according to the current speed of the vehicle.
You can see that around line 422 in the motorized.lua
So, the rpm has an influence of 80% and the speed has an influence of 20%.

For the recommended sound level it is hard to give a certain value.
Mainly it depends on the sound level in the recording file you have.
In the end you should try to adjust the volume step by step so that it comes close to the sound level of the default vehicles.

If you made any changes to the xml file of your mod you do not need to restart the game!
just sell the current one and by a new one - the xml file is always read again if you buy a machine :)

Happy modding and good luck!


Roger Hogg (quattro) 01.01.2016 17:51

Many thanks for all your help. I think I have got my sounds sorted out now.

Kind Regards,


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