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Created11.01.2016 15:32

Nathen Pulliam (Naterz98) 11.01.2016 15:34
I know there are tons of mod sites out there with ready made mods you can put in your game. Here is my question. Is there a place were I can get modded buildings and such for using in giants editor? Where does everyone find the buildings they use in their maps?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2016 08:43

just guessing: either on that websites or in other mod maps ;)

Or even better: build a new one :)


Nathen Pulliam (Naterz98) 12.01.2016 18:49

Thanks for answering. I hope to get to the point where I can build a new one. Quick question. Can I take one out of a different modded map and put it into mine that I am using for personal use? If I do are all the triggers and such in place? I am wanting to learn to do all this on my own long term but for short term I want to be able to put to set up a map the way I would like to play it. I see you answer a lot of these post. I can say I appreciate your time and assistance.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.01.2016 07:46

surely you can do that.

+ open the map with the building you want

+ select the building (pay attention to select the parent node -what ever that might be- to be sure to have the complete structure of not only the building but also the triggers in the selected hierarchy)

+ use "File -> export selection with files" to export the objects to a folder on your desktop for example

+ copy the exported folder into a sub directory of your very own mod map

+ close the GE and open your new mod map

+ use "File -> import" and select the i3d file in the "sub directory of your map"


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