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wheel doesnt turn on the axis

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Created26.01.2016 04:34

Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 26.01.2016 04:35
my steering wheel isn't turning on the axis, it's all out of alignment, and i'm not sure how to fix it, anyone suggest a fix for it.

tried centering object, and centering origin, but still doesn't work correctly.

Larry Horse (Larry) 26.01.2016 12:35
How you know its all out of alignment if is't not turning? Make sure that steering base transform group or steering wheel green arrow in gizmo is pointing up and make sure that steering index in XML file is maching your index path in i3d

Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 26.01.2016 23:11
it turns just not on a perfect axis that's the problem.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.01.2016 08:45

you could try to use the "freeze transformations" option of the GIANTS Editor.
(Right Click on any object in the scenegraph)

By this you can set the pivot of the object to its center (or the point around which it should rotate)


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 28.01.2016 10:28
nup nothing at all, doesn't turn the around the axis, do I need to center the wheel in blender? I centered to object but I didn't center it in the middle of the grid, do I need to do that.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.01.2016 08:12

well, I'm really not sure about Blender and its terminology.

Anyhow ... what happens if you rotate the wheel manually in the GIANTS Editor?
It rotates as it does later on in the game?
In this case you have to adjust the pivot of the wheel.
Either you adjust the pivot in Blender or you use the afore mentioned Freeze Transformations option.

In the case that the wheell spins correctly in the GE but not in the game you'll very likely have some wrong indices (index paths) set in your vehicle.xml


Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 29.01.2016 08:23
nup, nothing, nothing is working, I've tried freeze transformations, I've tried everything I can think of,

so that's it, I give up.

Aj Gatenby (Unknown) 06.02.2016 05:41
I got it working almost flawlessly

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