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Formating the briefing description

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Created06.03.2016 22:08

Phil Good (Unknown) 06.03.2016 22:15
Hey guys, how's it going?

So to cut right to the chase, I'm trying to properly format the text for the briefing description for a map, as in divide it into paragraphs and what not, but I can't seem to avoid it ending up as a constant wall of text.

As an example I'll use the Westbridge Hills map, and here's an imgur link to a screenshot of it:

As you guys can see, in the first briefing description (under the first picture) the text reads;
"Start your career now and discover the numerous fields of activity of a modern farmer."

And THEN, there's an empty line before the description continues, turning them into a couple of neat, little paragrahs.

Sort of related is the second briefing description (under the second picture), where the text reads;
"Do you want to purchase fields to expand your farm?"

But THEN, the sentence ends in the middle of a line, and the next sentence starts on the line below.

How can I in the modDesc.xml format the text properly to achieve paragraphs and what not?

As always, in advance, thanks for all help!

- Steuermann

Edit: Forgot to set a proper title for the thread, truly the icing on the cake when combined with my highly "intelligent" question regarding the most basic stuff.

Edit 2: Emil was kind enough to set the thread title to something more appropriate, kudos!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.03.2016 08:11

did you already try to use a complete blank line?


Phil Good (Unknown) 07.03.2016 20:24
Yes, I did try using a blank line inbetween.
I also tried to use a bunch of spaced, but no to avail.

The only thing I could think of trying next is using a different text editor, such as Notepad++ (currently using Sublime), though I don't have very high hopes of that making a difference.

But I'll give it a shot while I wait for some other suggestions.

- Steuermann

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 23.03.2016 17:23
Perhaps using the <![CDATA[ ]]> XML-tags will help formatting the briefing descriptions?

<![CDATA[First line
Second line
Third line

Fifth line]]>

Andrew Jones (Unknown) 24.03.2016 12:26
you could try using the xml characters for a new line, which are &#10;

so as an example:

first lline&#10;
second line&#10;
fourth line, following a blank line

Deon Engelmann (Endlesshunt) 27.03.2016 16:41
The <![CDATA[ ]]> XML-tags worked a charm for me, what you see is what you get.

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