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Created02.05.2016 00:06

Daniel Butler (frappydan) 02.05.2016 00:13
Can't find this info anywhere. Created a new field on my map. I used the infolayer to add the plowed texture with only 0 checked.

I know that whilst creating fruit (wheat) that the on the second row having 7 checked creates withered wheat. I also know that having 4 + 7 checked creates stubble (as if it had been harvested). The issue I'm having is that I want either option but I want the player to have to cultivate the field before they can use it. When I attempt to cultivate it the worker stops after about 5 meters and won't continue. However I can have the sower worker plant the field and he has no issues with stopping. this tells me the land is not sown. How do I get it to where they have to cultivate it before they can sow?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.05.2016 07:29

normally if wheat is full ygrown, cutted (harvested) or withered it has the "sowing channel" beneath it.
Try to set that channel and test again.

But th eworker should also be able to use a cultivator on a ploughed field ... so not 100% sure that this is the "main" mistake.


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