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How to make door animations etc.

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Created25.05.2016 20:40

Paul Mcphillips (Unknown) 25.05.2016 20:46
Hi all,

Just wondering how do i do animations for doors and back windows and things like that, I don't want to use maya to do animations I'd rather do them in the xml so if anyone could give me a tutorial on how to do it it would be great.

What id like to know is what lua files to use and what the script should consist of and if possible a sample script for the xml. I am fairly advanced at modding so I have a good idea what to do if someone explains with a tutorial. I'd rather if you pushed a button on the keyboard rather than interactive controls.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2016 07:13

not sure which script would be best suited for that.
Just take into consideration that you need a key for every window/door you want to open.

Anyhow, please take into consideration that the model itself needs to have the windows/doors as seperate objects.
Otherwise you can't move anything.

Animations in xml a fairly easy and a lot of examples are floating around (also the default vehicles have plenty of them)


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