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Created06.09.2016 19:46

Stephen Wiggins (Stdape) 06.09.2016 19:48
Wonder if anyone can help with the Schweinemast mod.
I have placed it on a map in GE and when tested in FS15 the doors do not open.
Seems to have the triggers with it so am at a loss

Any help would be great

Rick Rossman (limoman39) 03.10.2016 15:51
I too have the Schweinemast mod, had to move the pig trigger from the original location because I added the mix feeder into the building. But now my pig trigger will not work, will I have to change something in my xml because I moved it? I moved the whole group and the small ground outlay that signify where the trigger is but when I move my trailer over it there is no indicator that asks if I want to load the pigs. It worked before I moved it..

Any help would be appreciated.

Stephen, I had to add the "Animation Map Trigger" mod to make my doors work. Simply download the mod and put it in you mods folder.


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