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Created22.09.2016 18:28

Nathen Pulliam (Naterz98) 22.09.2016 18:29
I am getting this message when trying to add fruits to my map. These fruits listed worked fine when I put them in but now after adding additional fruits are throwing this error. All the files are in place and everything matches up when editing in Notepad++. Any seen these before and no what is causing it?

Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/Nathen/Dropbox/Abby's Farm 2/PullHaarmFarms/map/textures/foliage/foliage_sorghum_distance5_diffuse.png raw format.
Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/Nathen/Dropbox/Abby's Farm 2/PullHaarmFarms/map/textures/foliage/sugarBeetred/foliage_sugarBeetred_distance3_diffuse.png raw format.
Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/Nathen/Dropbox/Abby's Farm 2/PullHaarmFarms/map/textures/foliage/sunflower/foliage_sunflower_distance5_diffuse.png raw format.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.09.2016 06:59

the prefered file format is DDS, but you are using PNG.
Please convert your image files to DDS format.


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